Book of Demons gets Reversed.
Upcoming update will change the game's plot entirely.

Book of Demons gets Reversed! Play as the undead Skeletal Justice Warrior. Fight your way up through the dungeons, against the onslaught of so-called heroes. Combat hordes of Mages, Warriors, and soon even Rogues. Reach the surface and claim it in the name of the Archdemon!

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Unsung heroes, Antiheroes

Screenshots and artworks for the Reversed update.

Q & A

What the Skeleton's cards will be like?

At this point we can surely say they're stiff! Let us give you some examples:
"Awkward Boner" - summons a huge but clumsy skeletal minion,
"Genesis" - conjures a female skeleton companion at a cost of a rib (usable up to twelve times),
"Cardboard Barrel" - hides your skeleton in a paper barrel so he can surprise enemies!

What does the Reversed plot actually mean?

We believe that the mainstream concept of portraying the Town dwellers as the heroes paints an unjust and skewed image of the whole good vs. evil narrative. Wanting to include more diversity in the game, we tell the story the other way round. Starting from the cozy depths of Hell to the end in the awfully sunny Town.

What happens to my old game saves?

Three new and only enemy classes: Warrior, Mage, and Rogue will retain experience and cards accumulated by players. The better players were, the harder the game will be now.

Will the regular gameplay still be available after the Reversion?

Absolutely not. Who'd like to be that boring "adventurer" again, when you can be the brave undead Skeleton?!

Will there be a male version of the Skeleton available?

We are not assuming Skeleton's gender, as we believe the Undead are equal to the bone.

Press Release
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